About Us

  • CDC Ventures LLC is a trading company specialized in the buying and selling of truck tire casings and used truck tires worldwide.
  • We are currently operating a stocking casings warehouse located in Sumner, WA near Seattle.
  • The company was started in 2003 by Mike Evans after his 20+ years in the retread manufacturing business
  • Our company headquarters is located near Orlando, Florida in the USA
  • Two of Mr. Evans’s former retreading operations in Florida were manufacturing truck tire retreads, and the third retreading operation was a United States FAA Repair Station certified to retread aircraft tires
  • Our expert knowledge about truck tire casings comes from 20+ years retreading truck tires and aircraft tires in my own retreading operations
  • Visit our other web site at http://www.cdcventures.com
    Company Contact Info:
    Fax: +1 407-401-9676
    Mobile: +1 321-438-5243
    Email: mike@cdcventures.com

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