1200R20 Michelin XML Military Used Tires

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1200R20 Michelin XML Military Used Tires

We are pleased to offer the following first quality A Grade Military used truck tires used on Stryker Vehicles. Prices are ex-warehouse, Seattle, WA area, shipping can be arranged on request.

1)      1200R20 Michelin XML 14PR – 17mm+ Tread Remaining – $98/ea

2)      1200R20 Michelin XML 14PR – 14mm+ Tread Remaining – $65/ea

3)      1200R20 Michelin XML 14PR – 8mm+ Tread Remaining – $50/ea

4)      We also have these same tires as casings for retreading for $35/ea ex warehouse when available

Ongoing quantities available monthly. See attached pictures.

198 pcs per 40’ HC container. We guarantee all tires.

Please let us know if you have any interest at all.